Our Mission

Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled of MetroWest, Inc. (JSDD) is the lead, multi-purpose agency dedicated to providing an integrated program of community education, advocacy and services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. JSDD strives to maximize the potential of individuals with developmental disabilities and promotes opportunities for their integration into the Jewish and general communities.

JSDD is dedicated to:

  • providing a safe, secure, high quality environment for those who are developmentally disabled, physically challenged or those with mental health concerns
  • meeting the increased needs of an aging developmentally disabled population
  • fostering a Jewish environment within its residences and ensure that Jewish values and experiences are an integral part of its programs
  • advocating for the population it services within the MetroWest Jewish community, the general community, the Division of Developmental Disabilities and government agencies
  • expanding its fundraising capabilities
  • expanding the range of its community-based services
  • providing educational programs and resource services for individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and the community
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