Your legacy can last forever

Goodman Perwien Legacy Society

Sustaining JSDD's Future

JSDD’s incredibly successful Capital Campaign enabled us to create beautiful new client and office space in our very own building. We now must assure the agency remains strong and can maintain the LEED‑certified building and expanded programming we’re so proud of, services the community depends on.

The Goodman Perwien Legacy Society is a group of individuals just like you who are committed to ensuring that people with developmental disabilities continue to be supported in a dignified and inclusive way. Income from these bequests enables JSDD to:

  • Maintain the agency’s beautiful new facility as a permanent resource for our clients and community.
  • Perform upkeep and capital improvements to our fifteen (15) residences, which support the daily needs of fifty (50) individuals requiring 24-hour assistance and supervision.
  • Support the extraordinary, innovative, cutting-edge programs and services of the WAE Center.
  • Provide Jewish experiences and observances for our residents and resources for JSDD to continue to advocate for fully inclusive and dynamic Jewish life for everyone.


Your legacy gift is a meaningful way to support JSDD for future generations. In most cases it doesn’t require a check or credit card number today; it is a gift for the future, generally paid out after your lifetime. With this gift:

  • Show your family and community what’s important to you.
  • Be part of something larger than yourself.
  • Create a meaningful gift for JSDD’s future that you might not be able to make today.


Your lasting gift may be made via a simple bequest in your will, or in one or a combination of these most common ways, as well as others.

  • Bequest in a Last Will and Testament.
  • Beneficiary designation from an IRA, 401(k), or other qualified retirement plan.
  • Death benefits of a life insurance policy.
  • As a Living Legacy, such as a current gift of cash, appreciated stock, or even part of your IRA Required Minimum Distribution (if applicable) designated for JSDD’s endowment fund.


For more information about including JSDD in your estate planning, contact:

Linda Press
Executive Director