Goodman Perwien Legacy Society

Sustaining JSDD’s Future

Endowment – Building for the Future

JSDD’s incredibly successful Capital Campaign efforts has resulted in the transition to insuring the agency’s future remains strong by establishing Goodman Perwien Legacy Society, Sustaining JSDD’s Future.

Goodman Perwien Legacy Society will serve to:

  • Maintain the agency’s beautiful new facility as a permanent resource to the people we serve and the community.
  • Allow for the maintenance and capital improvements of the agency’s fifteen (15) residences supporting the daily needs of the fifty (50) individuals requiring 24-hour assistance and supervision to live in the community.
  • Support the extraordinary, innovative, cutting-edge programs and services of the WAE Center.
  • Provide for Jewish experiences and observances for our residents.
  • Ensure that JSDD can continue to be an advocate in creating and sustaining fully inclusive and dynamic Jewish life for every member of the community.

To make an Endowment gift today, Donate Now or contact Linda Press – or (973) 272-7141.

To include JSDD as part of your Legacy by including us in your estate planning, or contact Linda Press – or (973) 272-7141.