Direct Support Professionals of JSDD – They Are Our Heroes!

Monique J.,  (second from left, above) Residential Manager of the Livingston home has been going above and beyond working on average 80 hours a week since the pandemic began.  She has demonstrated her commitment to JSDD and the women she cares for, by being there to cover shifts of her staff when they haven’t been able to work. Monique has expressed how grateful she is to JSDD for supplying her home with important PPE, as well as, necessities required in the home to aid in engaging the women while they must stay at home during these challenging times. 

“When I come to work, I feel like I am coming home to my second family”, said Monique. The fellow staff and parents of the women in her residence have inspired her with their creativity and commitment to ensuring the residents adapt to the new normal.  The daily schedules may find the residents engaging in art projects, performing karaoke, and going outdoors.

Monique wants people to know the beauty of her residents inside and out.  “To know them is to love them”, said Monique.  


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