Direct Support Professionals of JSDD – They Are Our Heroes!

Tyiesha B has been a devoted employee for 10 years.  She manages and coordinates the daily activities of JSDD’s West Orange Condo, but began her tenure at the West Caldwell Home, where she was (and still is) beloved by the six residents.  “Working with the men in my home has brought me so much joy.  I can write a book of all the great times we have had together”, said Tyiesha.  It is fulfilling for her to communicate with the  residents that they are not limited by their disability and they can do anything they set their minds to.   “The men of my home are truly my family.  My own family does not reside in New Jersey”, said Tyiesha.  During her time working for JSDD she has watched the agency develop and increase its capacity to serve many more adults with developmental disabilities and she feels extremely grateful to be part of the growth. Tyiesha has a favorite quote from Dr. Seuss – “Why FIT In when you were born to STAND OUT”.  This is precisely and truly how she approaches each day.


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JSDD is dedicated to supporting a full quality of life in both the residential component and a holistic learning program known as the WAE Center for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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