Shabbat Celebration via Zoom – Friday, January 8, 2021

Each Shabbat Hagit Oren, JSDD’s Judaic Coordinator has the opportunity to share a Shabbat story with our residents and invited guests.  It is a favorite time of the week for all participants as they gather, through Zoom, and continue learning. 

One of the joys of Shabbat is the appearance and decor of the beautiful table upon which meals are served.  Yael showed how she creatively prepared her home’s dining room table and added a splash of color with flowers as the centerpiece.   She then performed the most beautiful tradition the lighting of the Sabbath candles.  The blessing recited over wine/grape juice Kiddush was given by Daniel, and he followed with the HaMotzi (blessing over the bread).

Hagit taught the week’s Torah portion – Parsha Shemot.  It is the start of the story of exodus from Egypt.  Hagit spoke about Moses’s childhood in Egypt and how G-d chose him to lead the Jewish people even though he was a person with a disability, as he had a speech impediment. 

Upbeat songs were sung inspiring some to get up and dance.  Hearing the music, Hannah eagerly professed to enjoying the music she is learning in the WAE Online class.

Wishes for a better 2021 were expressed along with Shabbat Shalom!


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