Summer 2014

I am very excited to have been recently installed as the President of JSDD.  Having served on the Board of Trustees and on the Executive Committee for the past eleven years, I have had the privilege of working with each of the previous five Presidents.  My predecessors have made their own unique mark on our wonderful organization and I hope I have learned enough from each of them to make my own worth-while contribution.

Over the years I have also had the opportunity to experience first-hand the efforts of our dedicated and qualified staff.  From those who work in our homes, to those who teach in the WAE Center; from our maintenance staff to our administrative staff, executive staff including our extremely capable and talented Executive Director, the employees of JSDD never cease to impress me with their hard work and dedication.  Our staff is the main reason for our success as they rise to the daily challenges before them.

And how do we at JSDD measure success?  Each time someone who is differently able finds a place to call home; each time a person finds a means of individual expression through art; each time friendships are made; each time someone who has the desire gains fulfillment living a Jewish Life; each time someone from the community at large gains better understanding of the potential of all of its members; each time we help someone in our community to achieve the dignity and respect to which they are entitled; each and every time the people we support realize these goals, we gain a measure of success.

In the past, Jewish Service for the Developmentally Disabled has been a beacon of hope.  It will continue to shine because in any civil society, there must be organizations like ours.  The agency’s work makes it clear that every individual may raise their head and be counted.  I look forward to helping to lead JSDD as it continues its great work and strives to fulfill its mission of inclusion.

Barry P. Goldberg

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JSDD is dedicated to supporting a full quality of life in both the residential component and a holistic learning program known as the WAE Center for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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