Meet Tim Folzenlogen & WAE Center Artists May 15

Meet Lead Artist Tim Folzenlogen and WAE Center artists who created “The Identity Project” Sunday, May 15, 2-4 pm – Public Reception New Jersey Medical School | 185 S. Orange Ave. | Newark

Tim Folzenlogen is the lead artist and facilitator of this large scale mixed media exhibit of collages and portraits. Each piece in “The Identity Project” was created by WAE Center members. Folzenlogen, a nationally known artist, speaks movingly about the inspiration for the project and the process through which it was accomplished:

“My initial idea was to create life-size figures of various members, and keep adding more until our time was up. I wanted to totally populate the space.The figure drawings began in the Meditation Room, where I hung the paper on the wall and shined a spotlight on each person as he or she stood before it. I then traced the silhouette. I don’t know what it is about that traced outline, but it does, indeed, capture something of that individual’s life force. There’s something magical about it.”

The exhibit remains open to the public through August. If you wish to arrange for a guided tour of the exhibit, please contact
WAE Art Studio Manager Harry Klein @ 973-272-7156


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