Mezuzot – Angel M

Mezuzot – Angel M


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Stunning digital recreations of work created using a wide variety of mediums, mounted on a wooden mezuzah frame and embellished with the requisite shin.

Artists whose work is depicted here:

1- Angel M. works digitally to create images of home and community.
2- David L. created this ethereal image digitally where long strokes prevail.
3- Diana J. works with markers and colored pencils creating complex maps.
4- Erik T. used brilliant color combinations in a printmaking class to yield this vibrant piece.
5- Marcie S. works slowly and methodically in acrylic paints to create work that is full of life and lit from within.
6, 7 & 8 – Zak Z. is a prolific photographer who digitally manipulates and layers his images to create stunning abstracts.

Indoor mounting only.

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