Qualified Housing Developer

JSDD has been endorsed in connection with the Special Needs Housing Partnership as a qualified  housing developer through the NJ Department of Community Affairs. This initiative was instituted by the NJ Department of Human Services and is described below:

The NJ Department of Human Services (DHS) is charged with finding appropriate housing for individuals with developmental disabilities in the community rather than in institutions set apart from the community and their families on isolated campuses. The State is now striving to provide supported housing in the least restrictive environment possible and to facilitate integration with the surrounding community.

The NJ Department of Community Affairs and the NJ Housing Mortgage Finance Agency (collectively, “the Departments”) is partnering with DHS to provide housing development expertise and funding to create homes designed to the specifications of DHS in order to offer community based housing to an expanded number of individuals with developmental disabilities.

The State’s capacity to move aggressively to reduce its reliance on institutions in favor of suitable housing integrated into communities throughout the state demands that it identify a pool of the most dynamic, experienced and reliable producers of homes for the developmentally disabled operating in NJ.

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