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Ellen Hanauer’s vision began with the ascension of spirit and community in this piece. Gail Fishberg, Dot Ganek, Ellen Hanauer, Clara Manheim, Vicki Parker, Joanne Miller Rafferty and Lois Shapiro are the “ArtShare” group which has its roots in a paper making class, its origins going back a few decades. It seemed a natural direction, therefore, to make the chair from paper. The ladder back design of “Ascend” reaches up high to reflect their personal and collective inspiration.

The friends and colleagues in our ArtShare group have been like oxygen to one another; energy emerges when together. The Wae Center provides a very similar dynamic, the energy so positive and uplifting.

Working and collaborating alongside longtime friends, then bringing that collaboration to the members of Wae in a true spirit of inclusiveness and teamwork, was heartwarming. Our wish that those who view it will be struck with that same emotion: spirits lifted in a collaboration of peace and harmony. If only the world could work together the way our group of artists and the Wae participants did by creating a piece that transcends barriers both real and imagined.

Collaborating Artists: Louis D., Gigi F., Jessica L., Alicia L. and Victoria S.

Film clip by Driving Jersey’s Steve Rogers

Available: $2500


Images of the collaboration in progress

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