The Woven Chair

Rope chair Onnie-siloGladys Barker Grauer & Onnie Strother

We can all agree that a chair is much more than just something to sit on. Once a symbol of authority and privilege, chairs have become one of the most common and democratic items in our society. We are not disturbed by the variety of sizes, shapes and colors. On the contrary, we are delighted by the creativity and diversity of their design. It is appropriate that a chair be chosen as a symbol on full inclusion,. The “Woven Chair” is a collaboration between this artist/weaver team and members of JSDD’s Wae Center.

Creating patterns through stamping and hand weaving are highly valued. The satisfaction and relaxation achieved while engaged in the continuous repetition of the shuttle and the stamp have been recognized for centuries. Weaving, painting and stamping are accessible to participants regardless of age or ability.

Available: $1500


Images of the collaboration in process

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