Shabbat celebrations began this week with Stacy C. and Debbie chanting the blessing over the candles. Mark performed the blessings over the grape juice and the matzah.  Since this is the last full day of Passover, the group enjoyed matzah instead of challah. Next, there was a video about the preparation of matzah.  An interesting fact is that in order to be considered Kosher and allowed to be eaten on Passover, matzah must be made in 18 minutes from the time the water and flour touch until it comes out of the oven, otherwise there is time where the ingredients could ferment and not allowed to be consumed.  Daniel and Stacy C. both said they really enjoy matzah and had […]

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  This week was not a typical virtual Shabbat. Friday evening was the beginning of Passover. Each time a new person or group joined the meeting they wished each other “Shabbat Shalom” and “Happy Yom Tov” (a peaceful Shabbat and a happy holiday). Everyone was so excited to see each other and celebrate virtually. Some participants remembered that this was the third virtual Seder.  Daniel C. was grateful for the delicious holiday meal provided by JSDD. Stacy C. said the blessings over the holiday and Shabbat candles and all the participants covered their eyes. This is a tradition that allows you focus on the words of the prayer and close yourself off from the other distractions.  Daniel Z. and Daniel […]

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from slavery unto freedom, from sorrow unto joy, from mourning unto festive gladness from darkness unto light Wishing you and your families a sweet Pesach.  We hope that you are all surrounded by loving family and friends. We cannot begin to thank you for helping to give dignity and purpose to our JSDD/WAE Center members.  You are all valued and appreciated. Fondly, Ellen and Alan

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