WAE Workshops

WAE Workshops offer a creative space where individuals 16 years and over can work with professional artists, practitioners, and facilitators to develop and expand their interests and skills.

Creating and exploring various forms of art and wellness practices offers participants benefits far beyond the obvious enrichment of their lives. Experienced facilitators come with knowledge of adaptive and neutral techniques which supports each person in their individual goals and aspirations.

WAE Workshops will be offered virtually for the time being.

DDD funding may be possible. Contact Yolanda Sanchez at YSanchez@jsddmetrowest.org for details.

Supported by a generous grant from The Healthcare Foundation of NJ

Classes are open to ages 16 and up, where all abilities are welcome.

Drawing Made Easy

Starting Date: April 22, 2021

Days: Thursdays

Dates: 4/22, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20, 5/27, 6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Instructor: Joan Cummings

1st Class: April 22, 2021

Are you ready to begin making creative art! Enjoy learning easy steps-by-step techniques starting with simple shapes like circles, squares, and triangles. When you join these shapes together, you will be able to draw people, animals, flowers, and tons more. Finish off your artwork using color pencils, markers, watercolor or acrylic paint. Join us as we explore your creativity to make art and have FUN! Joan is a teaching artist whose work has been exhibited at museums and universities in New Jersey. Joan shares all of her art experience and techniques with her students.

Cost: $185 – Includes all materials and ten (one hour) sessions.

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Joyful Painting

Starting Date: April 20, 2021

Days: Tuesdays

Dates: 4/20, 4/27, 5/4, 5/11 (no class), 5/18, 5/25, 6/1, 6/8, 6/15, 6/22, 6/29

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Instructor: Janet Boltax

1st Class: April 20, 2021

Students in this spirited painting class will receive instruction in drawing, color mixing, and composition but will also be free to create their own images as the spirit moves them. They will experiment with a variety of painting and drawing mediums including tempera, watercolor, oil pastel, and magic marker and will also delve into portraiture, a specialty of the instructor. Above all, students will be encouraged to seek joy from the wondrous process of painting. Janet Boltax is a Montclair, NJ-based painter, and printmaker.

Cost: $185 – Includes all materials and ten (one hour) sessions.

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P.O.E.M.S: Playful, Original, Expressions of Mind and Spirit

Starting Date: May 10, 2021

Days: Mondays

Dates: 5/10, 5/17, 5/24, 5/31 (No Class), 6/7, 6/14, 6/21, 6/28, 7/5 (No Class), 7/12, 7/19, 7/26

Time: 3:30pm - 4:30pm

Instructor: Randy Harris

1st Class: May 10, 2021

Poetry is more than rhyming words on a page. It is a tool of expression. Everyone, has something to say. Words are like rythmn to a musician, color to a painter or clay to a sculptor. We intend to provide tools that will spark your creativity and inspire you to craft and tell your story

Poetry Instructor: For more than a decade, Randy Harris has been a facilitator with the WAE Center. He has led classes in creative writing, speaking circles, meditation, geography, documentary, peer advocacy groups (ABLE - Abundance, Beauty, Love, Expansiveness) as well as one to one sessions with members. He is passionate and inspired to facilitate members finding their inner voice and creative genius through poetry.

Cost: $150 – for ten (one hour) sessions.

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Improv Play

Days: Tuesdays

Dates: Coming Soon!

Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Instructor: Megan Sweet

Learn the basic foundations of improv through energetic and interactive games! In this 10-week workshop, participants will socially engage with each other through inclusive activities that demonstrate the basic rules of improv: “Yes, and” principle, active listening and focus, team work, mindfulness, self confidence, and building ideas off of one another. Improv games are a fun way to practice life skills, build creativity and self confidence in daily life, and for those that wish to pursue acting. No experience in improv is required; this class is designed for all learning styles! Come play, laugh, and have fun! Megan Sweet is a NJ/NYC based comedian, Founder of IMPROVed Mind, LLC, and member of the Applied Improvisation Network. With a unique background in communication / theater and counseling. Megan believes in empowering others to connect with their creative and silly side.

Cost: $150 – For ten (one hour) sessions.

Healing Meditation

Days: Tuesdays

Dates: Coming Soon!

Time: 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Instructor: Miriam Moran Shankman

Join Meditation and Qigong teacher Miriam Moran Shankman in a workshop that will use gentle Guided Meditation to explore self-healing and the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Participants will also learn simple and effective healing techniques to help themselves and others

Cost: $150 – For ten (one hour) sessions.

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Who we are

At JSDD, the expectations for quality extend beyond what services and supports may be available to what life fulfilling experiences are possible. Our philosophy supports the notion that there are no limits to those possibilities. We have developed opportunities over time through a dynamic process of establishing relationships with the agency’s residents and WAE Center members. Unexplored interests, ideas, prospects for learning, continuing education and creativity are constantly evolving and emerge as our remarkable staff and the people we support get to know each other and share experiences.

What we do

Ability is the focus of all efforts in supporting the men and women we serve. We are delighted and inspired each and every day by the insights, revelations and creative energy that emerges when respectful relationships for the gifts and talent of every individual are considered. Learning and creativity occur organically as people share themselves and develop friendships and help each other to grow.