Residential Services

Life for adults with developmental disabilities should be like yours and mine.

Education & Advocacy

Designed to help families navigate the system and become strong advocates.

Coordination of Services

JSDD participates as a founding member of the MetroWest ABLE initiative.

WAE Center

Focusing on the abilities and desires of members regardless of their starting point.

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About JSDD

At JSDD, the expectations for quality extend beyond what services and supports may be available to what life fulfilling experiences are possible.

Our philosophy supports the notion that there are no limits to those possibilities. We have developed opportunities over time through a dynamic process of establishing relationships with the agency’s residents and WAE Center members. Learning and creativity occur organically as people share themselves and develop friendships and help each other to grow.

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Our History

Since 1984, the founding leaders have been driven by a commitment to excellence. In 1989, the agency purchased, renovated and occupied its first group home in Millburn.

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Our Board

The JSDD Board of Trustees oversee the function of our organization, ensuring the fundamental values and purpose of JSDD are reflected in the operations process.

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JSDD Residences & WAE Center

JSDD's 20th Anniversary

Twenty Years of helping to cultivate dreams. Our residents and members speak to their personal experiences of enrichment and joy in finding meaningful lives.

A Life and a Home Like Yours and Mine

Life for adults with developmental disabilities should be like yours and mine —engagement in an active life spent working, time spent with friends, involvement in the community and...

Power of Our People

The holistic nature of the Center’s offerings, its diverse curriculum, the sharing of ideas, the respect for the whole person, the sense of community is what truly makes the Center unique.

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The WAE Center Gallery

If JSDD’s WAE Center were a living being, the Art Studio would be its heartbeat. The Art Studio offers opportunities for our members to explore creating fine art through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, jewelry design, and graphic and computer arts.

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