Community Connections GMW

Community Connections –
Celebrating Federation’s 100 Years

Exhibit Open, March 14 – April 14, 2024

Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest is marking 100 years of building and caring for our vibrant and diverse Jewish community.

Community artists have submitted creative works on the theme of Community Connections that encourage, challenge, educate, and expand perspectives.

These bold and authentic pieces of visual art share stories and traditions inspired by our community today and in the future. We have featured local and Israeli artists, those with and without disabilities, representing high school students and adults.

Please join us to experience this powerful and meaningful exhibit at
Heidi Gallery, 310 Eisenhower Pkwy, Livingston, NJ.

Participating Artists

Susan Adler, Rachel Fawn Alban, Gary Berson, Hope Blecher, Sarah Brenneman, Ali Brief, Anne Burg, Jessica Cavaliere, Lisa Cerny, Ivie Drogin, Noa Elran, Karen Engelmeyer, Amanda Esteves, Rebecca Gartman, Beth Heit, Miriam Jacobs, Yael Klein, Tatyana Kazakova, Randy Keenan, Mara Kimowitz, Ksenija Lea Tiferet Kostic Pecaric, Rachel Laufer, Lori Loebelsohn, Mark Lubinsky, Monica Mangan, Bella Manoim, Jennifer Anne Moses, Sophia Nehmer, Paulina Olivares, Doron Orgil, Katharine Philip, Jennifer Dann Phillips, Jamie Plissner, Jennifer Radin, Jenny Reinhardt, Erica Resnick, Shana Rubin, Alexis Rubinstein, Kari Smith, Margie Samuels, Janet Scharfstein, Michelle Schneider, Andrew Schwartz, Cary Silverman, Judy Reisen Skillman, Jennifer Skopp, Jeff Sternstein, Shari-Beth Susskind, Peter Syak, Isabell Villacis, Jon Weiman, Jodi Yissachar

Gallery Hours

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Extended Hours (open until 9pm)

– Thursday, March 28th

– Monday, April 8th

– Wednesday, April 10th

Art Workshop

Sunday, March 24, 2-4pm

Led by Art Educator, Faye Graye

RSVP Required as space is limited.


Closing Reception

Sunday, April 14th, 12 to 3 p.m.


Jacie Civins

Jared Green

Rachel Klinghoffer Marcus

Ann Schaffer

Marilynn Schneider

For more information, contact Rebecca Wanatick,, (973) 929-3129.


Carrie Nussbaum

Ann Schaffer


Arlene Brafman, Jacie Civins, Jessica Gantman, Jared Green, Lora Hersh, Ann Leeb, Merle Lomrantz, Rachel Klinghoffer Marcus, Alexis Rubinstein, Marilynn Schneider, Rachel G. Wilf, Rita Yohalem

Centennial Event Sponsors

Iris Family in honor of Milly z”l & Herb z”l Iris

Judy Targan

Centennial Diamond Sponsors ($100,000+)

Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ

Sally Gottesman in honor of her parents Paula & Jerry z”l Gottesman

Mandelbaum and Goldberg Family

UJA Benefit Concert Supporting Foundation of JCF

Wilf Family Foundations

Centennial Leadership

Jane Wilf, Chair, Centennial

Terri Friedman, Maxine Schwartz, Vice Chairs, Local Community Engagement

Federation and Foundation Leadership

Michael Goldberg, President, Federation

Steven D. Levy, President, Foundation