Speech Therapy

Speech/Language and Feeding Intervention

A Speech/Language Pathologist provides Speech/Language and Feeding intervention. Speech/Language Therapy serves to facilitate improved communication skills for those who have Communication deficits. A Speech and Language Evaluation is conducted to  identify and diagnose Communication Disorders and determine candidacy for therapy. In addition, if indicated, a feeding and swallowing evaluation can be performed. If therapy is indicated, individualized therapy goals are formulated to address identified needs.

Speech/Language therapy can work to improve speech sound production, interactive skills, and expressive and receptive language skills. For individuals who are non-verbal, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) can be considered. For those individuals who have feeding and swallowing needs, compensatory strategies can be addressed in therapy or through consultation with Support Staff in order to ensure safety and maximize nutrition.

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Who we are

At JSDD, the expectations for quality extend beyond what services and supports may be available to what life fulfilling experiences are possible. Our philosophy supports the notion that there are no limits to those possibilities. We have developed opportunities over time through a dynamic process of establishing relationships with the agency’s residents and WAE Center members. Unexplored interests, ideas, prospects for learning, continuing education and creativity are constantly evolving and emerge as our remarkable staff and the people we support get to know each other and share experiences.

What we do

Ability is the focus of all efforts in supporting the men and women we serve. We are delighted and inspired each and every day by the insights, revelations and creative energy that emerges when respectful relationships for the gifts and talent of every individual are considered. Learning and creativity occur organically as people share themselves and develop friendships and help each other to grow.