On Yonder Hill — An Exhibition of Riker Hill Artists

On Yonder Hill —
An Exhibition of Riker Hill Artists

Riker Hill is a former Nike Missile base in Livingston, NJ, its height affording breathtaking views of Essex County. In 1974, the base was purchased by Essex County for a nominal fee and work started on converting the buildings and land into an art park.

At the beginning of the 1980’s, the buildings were being inhabited by artists in residence, working in various disciplines such as painting, fine metal jewelry, ceramics, pottery, glassblowing, printmaking, photography, weaving, fiber arts, mixed media, and sculpture. Today, it is still a thriving art community.

The Heidi Gallery at JSDD is located about one mile from Riker Hill Art Park and is committed to building inclusive and creative partnerships. In the spirit of this commitment to inventive reciprocity and the power of collaboration across artistic media and communities, the artists of ‘On Yonder Hill’ were invited to this juried exhibit at the Heidi Gallery

The Heidi Gallery Advisory Committee is pleased to welcome the artists of Riker Hill Art Park to this beautiful space.

— Jeremy Moss, Curator

Exhibition Dates

Dec 17, 2023 — Jan 21, 2024


WeiBiao Yan | Sue Sachs | Onnie Strother | Randy Keenan | Irene C. Brandle | Catherine Kinkade | Ellen Hanauer | Wendy Lewis | Ellen Hess | Freya Gervasi | Anne Dushanko Dobek | Shoshana Blum | Sandra Anton | Leonard Dinardo

Opening Reception