Celebrating Matthew Jarmel & the Solomon Family

we will be honoring Matthew Jarmel and the Solomon Family

Celebration Event: November 2, 2022

Dear Friends/Business Partners,

This has been an exciting year of re-connecting. JSDD’s new home on Eisenhower Parkway in Livingston has become a hub of activity and a source of immense pride for us and the people we serve. The building, on the main thoroughfare of Essex County, is a symbol of the opportunities available through JSDD in promoting independence, productivity, creative pursuits, and continued learning.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be honoring Matthew Jarmel and the Solomon Family — Lori, Jerry, Hannah, Jacob, and Lily — for their extraordinary contributions to JSDD as we commemorate our first full year in our permanent home.

Please join us on November 2, 2022, to thank them at the Celebration!

The Celebration Event and Ad Journal will support JSDD and the innovative WAE Center, an adult program focused on adaptive arts and personal growth for adults with developmental disabilities.

Please help us continue the momentum to sustain the solid foundation we have built through your generosity.


Lois Rose (Event Chair)
Barry Goldberg, Ellen Goldner & Harris Nydick (Event Chair Ad Journal Co-Chairs)