Celebrating Matthew Jarmel & the Solomon Family

Matthew B. Jarmel

Matthew B. Jarmel, AIA, MBA has been a member of the JSDD Board of Trustees since 2019. In his relatively short tenure, Matt’s participation has been remarkable. As an accredited and accomplished architect and President of Jarmel Kizel Architects and Engineers, Inc. in Livingston, his ability to assist JSDD in the review of architectural plans for the agency’s new building, engage in the interview and selection process of the general contractors, and attendance at weekly construction meetings as an advisor was invaluable. It is not an overstatement to say that we could not have done it without him.

As busy as Matt was running his own business, he always made the time to address issues and concerns about the project until it was completed. His commitment to the agency and its success has flourished and he has earned the respect of the entire Board of Trustees. So much so that he was recently recruited to serve as a Vice President.

JSDD is not the only beneficiary of Matt’s volunteerism. He also serves as a member of the Board of the Metropolitan YMCA of The Oranges and has recently received recognition and awards for his support for philanthropy and community service.

JSDD is proud and excited to be able to say “thank you” to Matt and recognize his incredible contribution to the agency

The Solomon Family

The Solomon Family—Lori, Jerry, Hannah, Jacob, and Lily—are an exceptionally service-minded family worthy of recognition and gratitude, not only for their participation as part of the JSDD family, but for the pride they exude as a family as they exemplify the true meaning and spirit of giving.

Let’s start with Lori and Jerry together. Of course, we are grateful for their generous ongoing support through their financial giving, underscoring their philanthropy for our mission. Lori has been an active and engaged member of the Board for many years and continues to serve as an officer.

Jacob and Lily, the twins, now in college, have been involved in volunteer service in the community since well before their Bar and Bat Mitzvah days and have never looked back. While we do not know what their futures hold, it’s a sure bet that community service and advocacy will likely be a part of it.

Hannah serves as the impetus for the family’s involvement – this is true for many of the most committed and productive supporters of any organization. Hannah has a tremendous gift for spreading joy and making everyone feel special. Her face lights up and she values her friendships, opens her heart to others and never complains. She has overcome challenges with an unparalleled spirit of

The Solomon Family continues to forge ahead on their own in Shifting Perceptions of Ability, Art & Community through their personal journey. We are very grateful that they have chosen to share their journey with JSDD.

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