A Life and a Home Like Yours and Mine

Life for adults with developmental disabilities should be like yours and mine —engagement in an active life spent working, time spent with friends, involvement in the community and following their hearts and minds to pursue interests and hobbies and continued learning towards personal growth.

Supervised, Supportive, Community Based Residential Services

JSDD operates eleven programs in nine communities in three counties. Group homes, supervised apartment and supportive living arrangements are located in the following towns:

  • Millburn
  • Maplewood
  • Livingston
  • West Caldwell (2)
  • Verona (2)
  • West Orange
  • Parsippany
  • Whippany
  • Summit

JSDD’s kosher community residences are special places. From the outside, they look the same as every other home in the neighborhood. Each morning, residents leave for work; each evening they return. What is the difference here is that adults with developmental disabilities are the families who call these houses “home.”

People living in JSDD residences have hopes, dreams, talent and spiritual connections, as well as a need for assistance and support. Like most people, the individuals served by JSDD want to have the opportunity to participate in the community as fully as possible. The residential programs support them in accessing community activities and resources in the towns in which their home is located and the surrounding communities, as well.

In our homes, everything has been organized to ensure safety, well being and encourage independence and family. 24-hour staffing may be provided for those requiring it. During the week, residents go to work, attend a vocational or day program or experience individualized community programs. Planning for evening and weekend activities, as well as holiday celebrations and vacations is done both individually and as a group and individual preferences are valued and respected.

JSDD is a Qualified Housing Developer.

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