Direct Support Professionals of JSDD – They Are Our Heroes!

The Manager of JSDD’s Verona Apartments is Lena A., a graceful woman with incredible style. Not only is she always dressed impeccably, she has dedication and impeccable work ethic, as well, that has resulted in increased responsibilities and promotions during her 13 years with the agency!  Her first position was working as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) at the WAE Center – a holistic, creative and expressive arts learning program for people with disabilities dedicated to “Finding the Spark Within”.  Lena joined the residential team and was promoted to Assistant Manager and then Manager when an opportunity presented. Lena always offers a smile to brighten the day.  Her positive attitude is key to her success. “I look forward to seeing the residents and staff I work with, as I consider them my family”, said Lena.  “I am also grateful to the administrative supervisors for consistently supporting me and being involved”, said Lena.  Special moments for Lena are when she returns to work after being off and she hears that she’s been missed. It warms her heart to know she has truly made a difference in the lives of the residents she supports.


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  1. Congratulations Lena, this is a wonderful article that tells the story of who you are and the joy you find in your work.
    Your the best,

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