WAE Center Day Trip Montclair State University

We had another really nice visit to Montclair State University’s George Segal Gallery (https://www.montclair.edu/galleries/).  The trip was for the members of our Photo Club and was led by our newest Art Facilitator, Bill.  The exhibition featured the work of MSU Professor Klaus Schnitzer, who will be retiring this year after 50 years of employment.  Also highlighted were contributions from his students from over the years, spanning all the way back to 1970’s graduates.  We were met by our friend Adam who was really engaging the members during the tour; asking them what sounds they were “hearing” from the photos, what smells they were “smelling”… it was really wonderful.  A nice added treat was that one of the contributing artists, Anne-Marie Caruso, was also there.  She shared the 2 pieces of artwork she had displayed and exactly what went into producing them.  She also shared with us 2 of her fancy cameras that she uses to take her photos; the members were really intrigued by these types of cameras, where the image appears upside down as you look through them.  Interactive, informative, and inspirational… an awesome trip!

Submitted by Harry Klein, WAE Center Art Studio Manager



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